Local Attractions

Trim Visitor & Geneology Centre

Located in the building beside Trim Castle is the Trim Visitor Centre. 'The Power & the Glory' Multimedia exhibition which paints a vivid picture of the historical background of the magnificent medieval ruins of Trim is shown here. The audio visual is available in English, French, Italian and German and is suitable for all age groups. You can also see the model of Trim Castle and 'Braveheart' film set, part of the modern story of Trim.

Trim Castle

The finest Norman Castle in Ireland, started by Hugh de Lacy in 1173. Almost uniquely, for a Norman Castle of this scale in Europe, it has scarcely been modified since it was completed in the 13th century. Trim Castle was featured as a scene in the Mel Gibson "Braveheart" movie in 1994.  Tours of this great Norman Castle are available daily. Open daily Easter to October 31st. Limited opening during Winter For further details click here

Sheep's Gate

The Sheeps Gate is the last remaining gate in a ruined section of the town wall which was built by Geoffrey de Geneville, who occupied Trim Castle during its hey-day in the second half of the 13th century.

Talbot Castle

The Talbot Castle (also know as St Marys Abbey) was built in 1415 and the basement of the Castle is believed to be an adapted remnant of the Abbey of St Mary.

The Yellow Steeple

The Belfry Tower of the Augustinian Abbey of St Mary was rebuilt after a fire in 1368. This was the site of an important pilgrimage in tribute of a miraculous image of the Virgin Mary until the Reformation.

St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick's Cathedral is a 15th century Church Tower containing a medieval grave stone. It is now attached to a 19th Century Church, behind which part of the 16th Century chancel survives.

St. Peter & Paul's Cathedral

St. Peter & Paul's Cathedral was founded close to the temporal power of Trim Castle by the Norman bishop Simon de Rochfort in 1206, after his Cathedral at Clonard was burned down, only a part of the original nave and chancel survive. This Gothic Church was the largest in Ireland and part of the ruined Priory of Augustinian Canons, which was established to maintain the Cathedral, this also survives.

Hospital of St John the Baptist

This foundation of the Crusader Order of Crutched Friars was also established by Simon de Rochfort in the early 13th Century.